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What is .NOMEDIA file?

A NOMEDIA document may be a document retained on an excellent Android os portable program, or upon a great exterior storage space credit card connected to a Android os item. That signifies their very own attaching file seeing that having simply no multimedia system information so that the directory site will not really always be sought and found by multi-media systems players. NOMEDIA data files have no filename word and therefore are just called .nomedia.

The usage of NOMEDIA files assists enhance functionality by simply eliminating files which in turn certainly not must be scanned. For version, a index which includes 1000s of trails or perhaps images may be eliminated. NOMEDIA documents may moreover be used to hide advertisings presented in totally free programs when ever placed in the same index blog of the advertisement. Many Android os music and video players, along with impression surfers (Gallery, MP3 Person, Internet video Gamer, and so forth ) recognize NOMEDIA data.

How to open .NOMEDIA file?

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1 .nomedia Manager
2 Nomedia
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