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JSON file extension

Learn about JSON file

A JSON file may be a document that stores basic details structures and items in JavaScript Subjec...

File Extension: JSON

APK file extension

Learn about APK file

A fantastic APK file is usually a great app designed for Android os, Googles mobile phone workin...

File Extension: APK

PKPASS file extension

Learn about PKPASS file

A PKPASS data file is known as a data file employed by simply Passbook, a great iOS 6 iphone app...

File Extension: PKPASS

CRDOWNLOAD file extension

Learn about CRDOWNLOAD file

A CRDOWNLOAD document is a to some extent downloaded data file produced by the Google Chrome wor...

File Extension: CRDOWNLOAD

OPUS file extension

Learn about OPUS file

The OPUS file extendable is definitely utilized for an excellent music codec formatting that was...

File Extension: OPUS

FLAC file extension

Learn about FLAC file

FLAC minimizes the length of digital music around 60 percent which is a greatly supported struct...

File Extension: FLAC

MKV file extension

Learn about MKV file

An MKV data file is known as a on-line online video document saved inside the Matroska multimedi...

File Extension: MKV

NOMEDIA file extension

Learn about NOMEDIA file

A NOMEDIA document may be a document retained on an excellent Android os portable program, or up...

File Extension: NOMEDIA

EPUB file extension

Learn about EPUB file

The. epub file enlargement is usually frequently given to data which have recently been created ...

File Extension: EPUB